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Welcome to Titanic
Titanic is a private server for osu!, dedicated to preserving the nostalgia of osu!'s earlier days, offering players the opportunity to experience the game using client versions from 2008 to 2014. It's also a community-driven project that is fully open source and open to all kinds of contribution. Even just a simple suggestion can make a big change. So, welcome on board, and enjoy your stay!


Well, it has been about time… Forums and Beatmap Submission have both been released to the public! I didn't have time to test a lot of the features, so feel free to report anything wrong to the Bug Reports forum.

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05:40:32 Cartman: !client
05:40:32 BanchoBot: Cartman is playing on b20141222.6cuttingedge
09:25:44 arutama: hello world
11:39:18 wrn81056: any touchscreen
11:39:20 wrn81056: hi
11:39:23 wrn81056: im touch device
12:01:24 arutama: hi
12:01:26 arutama: im arutama
12:04:31 Cartman: hi
12:04:36 Cartman: im cartman