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Welcome to Titanic
Titanic is a private server for osu!, dedicated to preserving the nostalgia of osu!'s earlier days, offering players the opportunity to experience the game using client versions from 2008 to 2014. It's also a community-driven project that is fully open source and open to all kinds of contribution. Even just a simple suggestion can make a big change. So, welcome on board, and enjoy your stay!


Hello everyone! Due to increasing demand and the new motivation I found for the Beatmap Submission System, you can now apply for the Beatmap Approval Team (BAT). The application form for it can be found here. We will most likely vote for the new BATs in a few days if everything goes according to plan. Join our discord for more frequent updates.

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15:56:04 yuvia: good map
15:57:50 yuvia: unplayable pattern in the fkn middle
15:57:52 yuvia: gj
16:42:18 yuvia: arutama forcing me to learn ar10.9 ;c
16:42:24 yuvia: for 1 snipe
19:45:34 ZRD: hi
02:36:38 Digitalfear117: website has died for me lol
02:54:12 arutama: i hate djpop
02:54:21 arutama: guys
02:54:41 arutama: Digitalfear117 that's why i saw u online offline repeatedly lul